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Whilst we're happy to string racquets for customers based throughout the UK, we realise that this doesn't suit all people and at times it just isn't possible to get the racquet back to you as quickly as you need it... For this reason, we have created this listing of racquet stringers located throughout the UK, where you can find contact details for stringers located near you.

Please note that the stringers listed on this page DO NOT represent TennisStringer.co.uk, we purely offer the service for them to list their contact details on our site. If you have any feedback regarding any of the stringers listed, please drop us an email (sales@tennisstringer.co.uk) and we will use it to monitor our listings and maintain as high quality of stringers listed as possible. We do insist that stringers either have a professional stringing qualification or a track record of providing a very high quality service - details of any qualifications are provided in the listings. If you're a stringer, please drop us an email to discuss adding your details to the list.
We encourage customers to buy their strings directly from TennisStringer.co.uk in order to ensure they are getting high quality strings at a very competitive price, rather than being given any strings a particular stringer may have excess stock of.  If you've found a string you like, you're well advised to buy a few sets so you know you will be able to use it in the future as string manufacturers will discontinue a number of their strings at the end of each season.

TennisStringer UK - Mobile: 07916 269712  Email: sales@tennisstringer.co.uk
We offer a postal restringing service to customers throughout the UK.  All restrings performed by our team of very experienced stringers - Tennis, Squash and Badminton.

North West:

Manchester / Oldham Area:

Peter Tetlow - Mobile: 07889 340234.  Email: iwantastringer@myway.com.
UKRSA Qualified Racquet Stringer and Level 3 Qualified Coach with many years of experience stringing for Tennis, Squash & Badminton.  All restrings carried out using a Tyger String Ultra-800 electronic stringing machine. 

North Lancashire / South Cumbria / Lancaster Area:

TennisStringer UK, Lancaster  - Mobile: 07916 269712   Email: sales@tennisstringer.co.uk.
We offer a postal restringing service to customers throughout the UK.  All restrings performed by our team of very experienced stringers - Tennis, Squash and Badminton using Wilson Baiardo machine.

Martin Wakelin, LA2 6JJ - Mobile: 07740 933463.  Telephone: 01524 822680.
Stringing since 1999 in the North Lancashire area, around Lancaster.  Completed Bow Brand stringing certification in 2000.

South Lancashire / Greater Manchester / Merseyside:
TennisStringer UK, Upholland, WN8  - Mobile: 07916 269712   Email: sales@tennisstringer.co.uk.
We offer a postal restringing service to customers throughout the UK.  All restrings performed by our team of very experienced stringers - Tennis, Squash and Badminton using Wilson Baiardo machine.

Phil Walton, Stringing Solutions - Mobile: 07939 434173.  Email: info@stringingsolutions.co.uk.
Based in Warrington with 5 years of stringing experience.  UKRSA Qualified Professional Stringer, all work carried out to the highest of standards.  Restringing service for Tennis, Squash & Badminton.


Rudy Sutoto, N19 5UD & W6 8LJ - Mobile: 07940 248920. Email: rudy@rudystrings.com
Over 15 years stringing and racquet customisation experience.  Currently restringing for Queens Tennis Club and a member of the 2011 UK Babolat Stringing Team.  All restrings performed on Babolat Star 5 machine.  Tennis, squash, badminton & racquetball.
Kev Gait, Uxbridge, West London - Mobile: 07725 472612.  Email: kevgait@sky.com
Website:  www.racquetstringservices.com
UKRSA Professional Stringer since 2009 offering Tennis, Squash and Badminton restringing in the Uxbridge, Middlesex area.  Focus on Quality, Speed and Reliability at Competitive Rates.
ProStringing, Surrey, South West London - Mobile: 07920 05459.  Email: info@prostringing.com 
Website:  www.prostringing.com
Members of the European Racket Stringers Association (ERSA) with Master Racket Technician status as well as being one of only 4 holders of the Pro Tour Stringer Certification in the UK. Also a current member of the Babolat Official Stringers Team since its inception in 2010. Restringing for Tennis Only.

London Strings, London EC2A 1RS, Central London - Mobile: 07952 908348   Email: LondonString@gmail.com  
Restringing for Tennis, squash, badminton & racquetball.

Ben Griffin, Blackheath, South East London - Mobile: 07866553842
Tennis Coaching Professional (LTA Senior Club Coach level 4)  currently based at Blackheath LTC in SE London. UKRSA Qualified Professional Stringer since Jan 2013. Restringing for tennis only.

Mark Fox, Kingston upon Thames, KT2 5PF - Mobile: 07973 614437
Restringing for 25+ years. Member of European Racquet Stringers Association. Prices from £12. 24hours turnaround as standard + same day or 2 hours service if needed. Can pick up and/or return if required. Restringing for tennis. squash, badminton and racketball.

South East:

Scott Hawkins, Rayleigh (Essex) - Mobile: 07968 264786. Email - scott@hawkinsracketservices.co.uk.
UKRSA Professional Stringer since 2008 offering Tennis, Squash and Badminton restringing in the Essex area.
Essex Strings , Chelmsford  (Essex)- Mobile: 07891 816644. Email - lynsey@essexstrings.co.uk.
UK Racquet Stringing Association Professional racquet stringer offering a full restringing service and expert advice, grips, grommets and bumper guards.  Provide a fast and reliable service for Tennis, Squash, Badminton and Racketball.
Essex Racket Stringing, Waltham Abbey (Essex) - Mobile: 07585815540 Email - swing@essexracketstringing.co.uk
Offer tennis and badminton racquets restringing. A collection and returns service is also available in some parts of Essex and North London. String and string tension will be kept on file for future enquires. 5* Google reviews.
Gurkan, Hampshire (Fleet) - Mobile: 07825 118367. Email - gurkan@gmail.com.
UKRSA Professional Stringer offering a restringing service for tennis racquets.
Lee Gooden, Newbury (Berkshire) - Mobile: 07824 785496. Email-info@racquetstringingsolutions.co.uk
Trained by Apollo Leisure (the stringing company of "The Wimbledon Championships" again in 2013) in Dorset during 1989, offering Tennis, Squash and Badminton restringing in the Newbury area.

Russell Hillman, Dunstable (Bedfordshire) - Tel: 0333 444 5833
Have been stringing Tennis, Squash, Racquetball and Badminton racquets for well over 12 years, I have used many different machines in my time. I currently complete all stringing on a Stringway MS200 with fixed clamps T-92. 

Topstring, Rickmansworth (Hertfordshire), WD3 - Landline: 01923 444399 Email: info@topstring.co.uk Website: www.topstring.co.uk 
Service: Mon - Sun - 8am - 10pm
UK RSA Qualified Stringer offering Tennis and Squash Restringing Services. High quality products and customer service also offering a home racquet collection or drop back service in selected areas across Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Essex.   

Nathan O'Looney, Royston (Hertfordshire) - Tel: 07754 316073  Email: in2wintennis@gmail.com
Recently qualified UKRSA stringer offering a restringing service for tennis, squash and badminton.  A local collection and drop-off service is offered for an additional fee. 

Fernanda Siwiec, Camberley (GU15 4BH) - Mobile: 07477 021107 Email: fernanda.siwiec@gmail.com
Stringer with 10 years experience (both in Brazil and the UK) providing a restringing service for tennis, squash and badminton.
South West:
Neil Routley, Bristol BS36.  Tel: 01454 838144. Email: winterbournestrings@gmail.com
Website - 
UKRSA trained stringer since 2011 offering Tennis, Squash and Badminton restringing in the Bristol area. Local pick-up and return available.

Brian Rook, Cheltenham (Gloucestershire).  Tel: 01242 238237  Mobile: 07778 008552  Email: brianrooktennis@aol.com
UKRSA Qualified Professional Stringer and tennis coach based in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. Restringing service provided for tennis, squash and badminton using Prince 6000 stringing machine.  

Staffordshire / Stafford Area:

Colin Gallow,  13 Weeping Cross, Stafford ST17 0DF- Mobile: 07855 107578.  Email: colin.gallow@ntlworld.com Website: www.racketstringingservices.com
Over 10 years experience of stringing for tennis, squash, badminton and racquetball.
Wolverhampton / West Midlands Area:
Stuart Osborne, WV13 - Mobile: 07807 074024. Email: stuart@surestrings.com Website: www.surestrings.com
UKRSA qualified racket technician with over 25 years experience stringing for tennis, squash and badminton.

North East:

Hexham, Durham & Leeds Areas:

The Racquet Man - Mobile: 07899 655882Email: theracquetman@icloud.com.
Recently trained to a very high level of proficiency.  Provide a high quality restringing service, with mobile stringing available and local pickups.  Weekly stringing sessions offered in Hexham and Durham; monthly stringing sessions currently offered in Leeds.  Restringing service for Tennis, Squash & Badminton.

Halifax & Leeds:

Chris Harper, Leeds - Mobile: 07796267505
Restringing since 2009 and UKRSA certified as well as being a PTR, RPT and Sanchez-Casal qualified coach. Able to do tennis, squash and badminton
Angela Crossley Tennis Coaching - Mobile: 07793 718701
Email: restringing@ac-tenniscoaching.co.uk
Website: www.ac-tenniscoaching.co.uk/restringing.html
Eight years experience in restringing. Able to do tennis, squash, badminton, racquetball.
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