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My Overgrip - Babolat
3 patterns and 9 colors, for a perfect match between your overgrip and your racquet!
Pack of 70 (Various) - £65.55
Natural Leather Grip - Babolat
Babolat - Natural Leather Grip. A natural leather grip providing an authentic feel. A firm and precise grip, optimum control and good durability.
Pack of 1 (Natural) - £9.00
Pro Team Tacky - Babolat
Pro Team Tacky overgrip is thinner than ever at just 0.40 mm, providing maximum sensation with the same tacky feel and absorption capacity as before.
Pack of 3 (White) - £5.10
Pro Tour - Babolat
Babolat Pro Tour Tennis Overgrip. The Pro Tour overgrip offers excellent feel with nice tack while providing excellent absorption. Long enough for both standard and extra long handles.
Pack of 3 (Black) - £5.10
Pack of 3 (White) - £5.10
Syntec Pro - Babolat
Babolat's star grip for competitive players, the Syntec grip is now 10% thinner to provide a better feel for the ball.
Pack of 1 (Black) - £5.15
Pack of 1 (White) - £5.15
Uptake - Babolat
Babolat Uptake Tennis Replacement Grip - Smooth surface, tacky feel and good absorption. A great replacement grip at a very economical price. Multipack is jar in assorted colours.
Pack of 1 (Black) - £3.80
Pack of 30 (Various) - £72.83
VS - Babolat
Babolat VS Tennis Overgrip - The thinnest overgrip in the world, great absorption. Used on the ATP Tour. Provides exceptional feel and control.
Pack of 3 (White) - £5.15
Pack of 12 (White) - £17.50
Pack of 30 (White) - £32.05
Xcel Gel - Babolat
Advanced Comfort System: a tacky polyurethane elastomer combined with an absorbent non-woven casing, cushioned EVA foam and a central gel strip for the ultimate in comfort.
Pack of 1 (Black) - £5.35
Pack of 1 (White) - £5.35
Grip 2 - Gamma
Gamma Grip 2 Overgrip - Ultra thin and extra tacky. Now firmer and more durable. Offers fantastic feel and control.
Pack of 3 (White) - £4.10
Hi Tech Contour - Gamma
Gamma Hi-Tech Contour Replacement Grip. Features a surface that is tacky with stitched ridge contours for increased traction. Perforations in the surface allow for faster moisture absorption. Provides excellent racket control under any playing conditions.
Pack of 1 (Black) - £5.90
Pro Control - Gamma
Gamma Pro Control Tennis Replacement Grip - Tacky with reasonable cushioning. Tread pattern for better control, ideal for hard hitters or players with weaker grips.
Pack of 1 (Black) - £4.59
Dual Absorbing - Head
Head Dual Absorbing Replacement Grip. Soft rubber composite with a smooth and tacky surface for great gripability and good absorption.
Pack of 1 (Various) - £3.30
HydroSorb - Head
Head HydroSorb Tennis Replacement Grip - Twin channel system providing a great combination of shock absorption and cushioning. Tacky surface and good moisture reduction.
Pack of 1 (Black) - £4.10
Pack of 12 (Black) - £47.20
Pack of 1 (White) - £4.10
Pack of 12 (White) - £47.20
Hydrosorb Comfort - Head
Hydrosorb Comfort Replacement Grip. Increased cushioning provides dampening and comfort, whilst protecting the arm.
Pack of 1 (Black) - £4.10
Pack of 1 (White) - £4.10
Hydrosorb Pro - Head
Head Hydrosorb Pro Replacement Grip. The tightly contoured grip offers direct feedback from the racquet.
Pack of 1 (Black) - £4.10
Pack of 1 (White) - £4.10
Leather Tour - Head
Head Leather Tour Tennis Replacement Grip - Maintain a perfect feel with this 100% genuine leather replacement grip. Note these are best used with an overgrip to provide absorption.
Pack of 1 (Natural) - £10.49
Prestige Pro - Head
Head Prestige Pro Overgrip - Maximum Tackiness. A specially reinforced P.U. elastomer material with no perforations which provide a unique touch with ultimate durability.
Pack of 3 (Black) - £4.10
Pack of 3 (White) - £4.10
Pro Grip - Head
The Pro Grip has an ultra thin, especially soft, sanded surface with thousands of micropores. Provides optimal sweat absorption for an extra dry, comfortable feel. Added length for two-handed players.
Pack of 3 (Blue) - £5.90
Softac Traction - Head
Head Softac Traction Tennis Replacement Grip - Ultra tacky, good traction and absorption.
Pack of 1 (Various) - £3.83
XtremeSoft - Head
Head XtremeSoft Tennis Overgrip - Very thin for ultimate feel. Extra large perforations mean great absorption. A fantastic grip at a very economical price. THE PACKS OF 10 INCLUDE AN EXTRA 2 FREE GRIPS (I.e. 12 in total)
Pack of 3 (Black) - £3.69
Pack of 12 (Black) - £14.77
Pack of 70 (Various) - £68.83
Pack of 3 (White) - £3.69
Pack of 10 (White) - £11.80
Pack of 12 (White) - £14.77
Pack of 30 (White) - £34.74
Tribal - Karakal
Karakal Tribal Replacement Grip. PU surface is highly absorbent and has a tacky feel. Uses an improved NANO-TECH formula. Tribal has a soft, embossed surface which eases vibration.
Pack of 12 (Various) - £29.50
Universal PU Grip - Karakal
Karakal Universal PU Super Grip - The 'original' PU replacement grip. Good combination of cushioning, tackiness and durability. Top Seller!
Pack of 2 (Various) - £4.38
Pack of 24 (Various) - £48.44
X Air Replacement Grip - Karakal
Karakal X-Air replacement grip. Cushion comfort and breathable surface for a cool grip. SRF (Slow Release Formula) surface has been has been designed to extend grip life and improve feel.
Pack of 1 (Various) - £5.15
X Gel Replacement Grip - Karakal
Karakal X-Gel replacement grip. Extreme cushion comfort with gel technology.
Pack of 1 (Various) - £5.15
DryPro Overgrip - Prince
Prince's new performance overgrip is developed specifically for advanced players who require a sure grip to combat heavy perspiration. Unlike most grips, DryPro is designed to grip more effectively when moist.
Pack of 3 (Green) - £4.68
Pack of 12 (Green) - £16.84
DuraRib + Replacement Grip - Prince
Provides ultimate traction with enhanced moisture management.
Pack of 1 (Black) - £4.45
ResiPro Overgrip - Prince
Unique high friction overgrip offers extreme feel and traction. Perforations help absorb moisture to keep the grip surface dry. Developed for hard hitting advanced players.
Pack of 3 (Black) - £5.04
Pack of 3 (White) - £5.04
Pack of 12 (White) - £18.00
Tacky Soft Ace Overgrip 0.70mm - Pro Supex
Pro Supex Tacky Soft (0.70mm). A fantastic tacky overgrip with a relatively cushioned feel. An incredibly popular overgrip at a very competitive price. Previously know as Ace overgrip or H-soft overgrip.
Pack of 3 (White) - £3.00
Pack of 12 (White) - £10.50
Pack of 24 (White) - £18.00
Pro Players - Tecnifibre
Overgrip extremely durable and absorbent. Absorbs moisture up to 5 times faster than a traditional overgrip. Ideal for tight games where the pressure ups a notch and you need an ultra reliable power , even when sweating a maximum.
Pack of 12 (White) - £15.32
Pack of 30 (White) - £30.57
Tourna Grip - Unique
Unique Tourna Grip Tennis Overgrip - The original and most absorbent overgrip, used by many touring pros. Incredibly popular grip
Pack of 10 (Blue) - £18.30
Pack of 30 (Blue) - £46.55
Pack of 36 (Blue) - £60.25
Tourna Grip XL - Unique
Unique Tourna Grip XL - For longer handles
Pack of 3 (Blue) - £5.81
Tourna Tac - Unique
Unique Tourna Tac Tennis Overgrip - A tacky version of the world famous overgrip (Unique Tourna Grip).
Pack of 10 (White) - £18.70
Tourna Tac XL - Unique
Unique Tourna Tac XL Tennis Overgrip - A tacky version of the world famous overgrip (Unique Tourna Grip).
Pack of 3 (Blue) - £5.81
Pack of 3 (Pink) - £5.81
Pack of 3 (White) - £5.81
Cushion Aire Classic Contour - Wilson
Contoured for enhanced feel. Unique vertical air pores support extra padded PU outer layer. Raised air ridge for extra grip and enhanced feel.
Pack of 1 (Black) - £5.00
Pack of 12 (Black) - £56.23
Cushion Aire Classic Perforated - Wilson
Wilson Perforated Tennis Replacement Grip - The original Cushion-Aire grip. Air cushioned and perforated for comfort and absorption.
Pack of 12 (Black) - £56.23
Cushion Aire Classic Sponge - Wilson
Wilson Sponge Replacement Tennis Grip - Cushion-Aire comfort with dimples providing extra grip and faster drying. One of our favourite grips!
Pack of 1 (Black) - £4.95
Pack of 5 (Black) - £24.15
Pack of 12 (Black) - £56.23
Micro Dry Comfort - Wilson
Thick foam backing for maximum softness.
Pack of 1 (Black) - £4.95
Pack of 12 (Black) - £57.96
Pro Overgrip - Wilson
The Wilson Pro Overgrip is widely used by Wilson's touring pro's. The Wilson Pro Tennis Racket Overgrip offers optimal feel, allround performance and gripability. Tests show that white colouration adds to the Pro Overgrip's unique gripability. 0.6mm
Pack of 3 (White) - £5.00
Pack of 12 (White) - £17.79
Pack of 30 (White) - £37.63
Pack of 60 (White) - £62.95
Pro Overgrip Perforated - Wilson
Wilson Pro Overgrip Perforated - Perforated version of the renowned Pro Overgrip - improving feel and absorption. Mixed pack has 1 x WHITE, 1 x PINK, 1 x LIME GREEN
Pack of 12 (White) - £17.79
Pack of 60 (White) - £62.95
Hi Soft Grap PU - Yonex
Yonex Hi Soft Grap PU Tennis Replacement Grip - Maximum absorbency. Guarantees non-slip performance in wet or dry conditions. Super soft feeling for maximum comfort. Suitable for all racket sports
Pack of 24 (Various) - £38.15
Super Grap - Yonex
Yonex Super Grap Tennis Overgrip. Absorbs shock and perspiration. Excellent control and feel. One of our most popular overgrips. Ideal for badminton and squash too due to great absorption. Individal grips are unpackaged.
Pack of 1 (Various) - £1.70
Pack of 3 (Various) - £4.50
Pack of 36 (Various) - £45.10
Pack of 30 (White) - £38.15
Pro Supex
PolyPower Soft...
12.0m. £2.99
Competition Te...
12.0m. £4.99
Pro Supex
Black Fusion T...
200.0m. £44.99
Premier Touch
12.0m. £11.49
Pro Supex
Super Nova Hex...
200.0m. £44.99
Pro Supex
PolyPower Soft...
200.0m. £29.99
Rebel Indoor 1...
10.0m. £7.99
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