Professional Racquet Restringing Service UK

Professional Restringing Service for Tennis / Squash / Badminton - Upholland & Lancaster

Professional Racquet Restringing Service UK - Tennis, Squash & Badminton
We provide a professional racquet restringing service for tennis, squash and badminton. Our team of stringers is led by Peter who has over 18 years experience in stringing racquets and has been fully trained by Qualified USRSA Racquet Stringers. All restrings are performed using our regularly calibrated Wilson Baiardo electronic stringing machine ensuring we string your racquets just how you like them!  This has been rated the best stringing machine in the world and is used at the US Open each year.  We are able to string your racquet to 0.1lb / 0.1kg in accuracy and the built in constant pull mechanism ensures no tension is lost during the restringing process.  In addition to enhanced tension accuracy, our machine is also a lot more racquet friendly than other machines and ensures no unnecessary stress is put on your racquet.

We offer racquet restringing services in Upholland, as well as offering a remote stringing service for customers located throughout the UK. We are able to offer a huge range of restringing options as well as providing replacement grips and accessories (including bumper strips and butt caps) to make your racquet feel better than ever before! Of couse if you've already got some of your favourite strings, we're more that happy to string with those.

All restringing service requests must be organised in advance - Please do not send any racquets / turn up at our head office with racquets without prior arrangements being made.

Example restringing options and pricing:
  • Basic Synthetic Gut (Tennis) - £14
  • Durable Synthetic Gut OR Multifilament (Tennis) - £17
  • Polyester (Tennis) - £17
  • Synthetic Gut / Braided (Squash) - £17
  • All Round Multifilament (Badminton) - £20
  • Labour ONLY (Squash/ Tennis) - £12
  • Labour ONLY (Badminton) - £15

Customers wishing to use our UK-wide restringing service are required to cover postage costs (both ways) as well as providing packing materials.

If you would like to arrange a restring or would like to receive further information regarding the services we provide, please contact us on 07426 153492 or drop us an email (

Find a racquet stringer near you...

Whilst we're happy to string racquets for customers based throughout the UK, we realise that this doesn't suit all people and at times it just isn't possible to get the racquet back to you as quickly as you need it... For this reason, we have created a listing of racquet stringers located throughout the UK on our 'Find a Stringer' page, where you can find contact details for stringers located near you.

Please note that the stringers listed on our 'Find a Stringer' page DO NOT represent, we purely offer the service for them to list their contact details on our site. If you have any feedback regarding any of the stringers listed, please drop us an email ( and we will use it to monitor our listings and maintain as high quality of stringers listed as possible. If you are a stringer, please drop us an email to discuss adding your details to the list.

We encourage customers to buy their strings directly from in order to ensure they are getting high quality strings at a very competitive price, rather than being given any strings a particular stringer may have excess stock of. If you've found a string you like, you're well advised to buy a few sets so you know you will be able to use it in the future as string manufacturers will discontinue a number of their strings at the end of each season.
  • Racquet restringing (tennis, squash and badminton)
  • Advice on string selection and tension
  • Measurement of the current string tension
  • Racquet customisation - changing grip size and lead tape positioning
  • Grommet and bumper strip replacement

We stock a wide range of strings and grips, catering for most playing styles / string specifications. Restrings are typically completed within 48hrs. If a string is required which is not in stock, the turn-around time may be slightly increased.

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