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Just as the coffee machine is where many discussions occur at work, we find that many players see their racquet stringer as the person to discuss their game with.  With this in mind, we decided to launch TennisStringer.co.uk in 2007 with the aim of providing an online 'racquet stringer' service - not only restringing racquets, but also selling strings, grips and accessories, providing advice to players about their game in general and coaching advice. Our staff have extensive knowledge of stringing (tennis, squash and badminton), experience of playing and coaching at a national standard and also years of experience as consultants within both youth sport and professional sport.  We pride ourselves in our level of service and our team of stringers, coaches and players are on hand to answer any questions you may have.

We hope that TennisStringer.co.uk will become the place racquet sports players from tennis, squash and badminton go to when they need to find information to help them improve their game. We have recently added the 'Find a stringer' page to our website enabling players from around the UK to find a racquet stringer near them.

Why do people use the TennisStringer.co.uk website?
  • to buy products from our huge catalogue of items for racquet sports players (including strings, grips, accessories, balls, injury supports, stringing tools and court equipment)
  • to take advantage of our incredibly competitive prices and customer service
  • to find a stringer in their local area, or to send racquets to us
  • to read our online guides on choosing the right equipment for your game and find out what the pros are currently using
  • to ask for advice regarding all aspects of their game
Who uses the TennisStringer.co.uk website?
  • loads of different people...
  • top players looking to stock up on their favourite products for their next tournament
  • students looking to grab top quality products at competitive prices
  • parents of junior players looking to ensure their children are using the most appropriate equipment to aid performance and avoid injury
  • keen amateur players looking to get the best from their game
  • coaches and stringers who need to get hold of specific products quickly

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