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As you're aware, racquet sports require players to consider a wide variety on factors which have an impact of their performance - these include technique, tactics, playing conditions, opponents, equipment used, ...  As stringers with a background in tennis coaching, we found many players saw us as the people to talk to when they wanted to discuss any of these aspects of their game. 
When we launched our website in 2007, we extended this service to the online tennis, squash and badminton communities and encourage players to get in touch if they have any issues they wish to discuss.  As well as having played and coached tennis at a national level ourselves, we have very close relationships with international coaches in both squash and badminton. 
Below you will find links to a number of articles written by our team of experienced stringers, players and coaches, providing key information on a number of aspects of equipment used by tennis, squash and badminton players.  If you would like any additional information, please drop us an email  - there are probably other people with the same question so we'll add the answer to our guides. 
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