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Super Nova Hex Tennis String 1.28mm - Pro Supex
New from Pro Supex for 2012, a soft polyester with a hexagonal cross section - ideal for use for an entire racquet as opposed to a hybrid. Offers incredible spin and tension maintenance whilst still offering good power and control.
£55.00 £50.00 / 200.0m.
Blue Gear Classic Tennis String 1.28mm - Pro Supex
Pro Supex Blue Gear Tennis String - Polyester string with a hexagonal profile. Considered by many to rival Luxilon's Alu Power Rough... Offers fantastic durability and the textured surface enables extra spin production. 12m SETS CUT FROM A REEL
£55.00 £50.00 / 200.0m.
Tacky Soft Ace Overgrip 0.70mm - Pro Supex
Pro Supex Tacky Soft (0.70mm). A fantastic tacky overgrip with a relatively cushioned feel. An incredibly popular overgrip at a very competitive price. Previously know as Ace overgrip or H-soft overgrip.
Pack of 24 - £22.00 £20.00
Rally 20 Badminton String 0.85mm - Ashaway
*Non retail packaging* Ashaway Rally 20 Badminton String - MultiCore with Multi Wrap. Combination of excellent resiliency and durability in an economical string construction. Thicker for added durability.
£4.08 £3.00 / 10.0m.
EVO Hex 1.20mm - MSV
MSV Evo Hex Tennis String - provides the same characteristics as MSV Focus Evo, but more spin.
£5.70 £5.00 / 12.0m.
Rally 21 Badminton String 0.75mm - Ashaway
Ashaway Rally 21 Badminton String - MultiCore with Multi Wrap. Combination of exellent resiliency and responsive play in an economical string. We use this in the majority of our restrings.
£4.08 £3.50 / 10.0m.
Premier Attack 1.30mm - Prince
Great multi-filament feel with improved tension retention is now possible with tri-core construction. Multifilament construction give softer feel and elasticity for more attacking power and resilience.
£10.03 £8.00 / 12.0m.
Premier LT 1.20 1.25 1.30mm - Prince
Prince Premier LT (Multifilament). This new design offers a more gut-like feel. It consists of aligning the inner 900+ fibers in parallel to provide a softer, more resilient feel. Offers a lively, comfortable feel with good ball pocketing.
£11.07 £8.00 / 12.0m.
Wilson Staff Squash Ball DOUBLE YELLOW - Wilson
DOUBLE YELLOW - Tournament/Extra Slow. Approved to WFS (World Squash Specification), the Wilson Staff performance squash balls provide consistent bounce & playability. Top-quality performance, Consistent playability, Increased durability.
Pack of 2 - £4.00 £3.00
NXG Silencer Tie Dye Dampener - Prince
Prince NXG Silencer Tie Dye Racquet Vibration Dampener. A worm style dampener which provides maximum shock absorption and a solid feel on impact.
Pack of 1 - £2.58 £2.30
String Glide String Savers - Wilson
Wilson String Glide String Savers - Inserted between the strings on tennis racquets to enhance string life. Includes easy to use applicator
Pack of 1 - £4.50 £4.00
Bumper Tape - Prince
Prince Bumper Tape
Pack of 1 - £3.79 £3.20
Tennis Vibration Stopper 5 - Yonex
Yonex Tennis Vibration Dampener. New 3 layer structure dampens unwanted vibrations
Pack of 2 - £2.94 £2.70
RED Logo Ink -
Ink for drawing logos on strings.
Pack of 1 - £4.50 £4.00
Super Synthetic Gut Indoor 1.22mm - Prince
Prince Super Synthetic Gut Squash String - Solid Core with Single Wrap. The worlds most popular synthetic gut. With Duraflex for added durability
£4.79 £4.25 / 10.0m.
BG65 Badminton String 0.70mm - Yonex
Yonex BG65 Badminton String - Multi Core with Multi Wrap. Very popular all round string. Thinner gauge for extra feel. Ideal for control players
£4.87 £4.50 / 10.0m.
Competition Tennis String 1.25 1.30mm - Kirschbaum
Kirschbaum Competition Tennis String - High power with good controol. A very resilient string with very little string movement on heavy spin shots. Offers good durability and spin and reasonable power and feel.
£5.99 £5.30 / 12.0m.
TS Extra Tournament Synthetic - Tennis Tech
Co-polymer core wrapped in a thread of Prokev fibre. Long string life with good playability for a heavy hitter.
£3.50 £3.00 / 12.0m.
Beast XP 1.25 1.30mm - Prince
Prince Beast XP Tennis String. Beast XP rebounds at a lower angle than other polys allowing a faster swing which produces more power and controlling spin. A softer, more comfortable poly with remarkable feel.
£9.59 £8.00 / 12.0m.
PolyPower Soft II - Pro Supex
New from Pro Supex for 2013, PolyPower Soft II is a mid-soft co-polyester string. It’s recommended for players who are looking for the durability of a polyester, whilst not wanting the all too often associated stiffness.
£40.00 £30.00 / 200.0m.
PolyPower Soft II - Pro Supex
New from Pro Supex for 2013, PolyPower Soft II is a mid-soft co-polyester string. It’s recommended for players who are looking for the durability of a polyester, whilst not wanting the all too often associated stiffness.
£4.00 £3.00 / 12.0m.
Focus Hex 1.23mm - MSV
MSV Focus Hex Tennis String - Great tension maintenance, incredible spin potential (hexagonal profile) and also very comfortable for a polyester string. Good comfort, power and all-around solid performance. **CUT FROM A REEL
£5.50 £4.20 / 12.0m.
Evo Hex 1.20mm Cut from reel - MSV
A textured version of the highly acclaimed MSV EVO string. Offers a blend of controllable power with feel, and a completely unique clean, and crisp look, that reflects the playing characteristics of the string. WILL BE CUT FROM A REEL
£5.50 £3.20 / 12.0m.
RED Logo Ink - 1 p/p. £4.00
Evo Hex 1.20mm...
12.0m. £3.20
Tennis Vibrati... - 2 p/p. £2.70
Rally 21 Badmi...
10.0m. £3.50
Pro Supex
Super Nova Hex...
200.0m. £50.00
EVO Hex 1.20mm
12.0m. £5.00
String Glide S... - 1 p/p. £4.00
NXG Silencer T... - 1 p/p. £2.30
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