Flag Damp - Babolat
Filters vibrations while preserving the original sound.
Pack of 2 - £3.99
Pack of 50 - £59.00
Wimbledon Loony Damp - Babolat
Fun dampeners in the famous Wimbledon colours that brighten up your racket. Colour: Purple/Green
Pack of 2 - £5.31
18' Tennis Net - Prince
With frame and carry case.
Pack of 1 - £73.19
10' Tennis net - Prince
With frame and carry bag.
Pack of 1 - £63.71
Rage Eyewear - Prince
Adjustable foam straps. Lens cleaning carry bag. Unbreakable glasses. One piece construction.
Pack of 1 - £9.84
Pro Lite ll - Prince
Two piece vented lens design with anti-fog and anti scratch coating. Include head strap and micro fibre cleaning pouch. Colour: White, Metallic Red
Pack of 1 - £12.30
Tennis Net Check - Unique
Fold out plastic net height ruler, lip sits on top of net and unfolds to exactly 3'. Ideal gift for the tennis enthusiast.
Pack of 1 - £7.51
Junior Eyeguard - Dunlop
Dunlop Junior Eyeguard. Junior sized eyewear with adjustable arms for a secure fit.
Pack of 1 - £14.36
I Armour Eyeguard - Dunlop
Dunlop I-Armour Eyeguard. Designed with an ergonomic profile for extra stability and contoured lens shape for peripheral vision. Approved by the World Squash Federation.
Pack of 1 - £17.78
Tennis Mitten -
Tennis Mitten is ideal for winter tennis. It keeps the player's hand warm whilst maintaining a perfect grip on the racquet handle. PLEASE NOTE these are available in green / grey / blue, colours will be allocated based on stock
Pack of 1 - £8.21
String Glide String Savers - Wilson
Wilson String Glide String Savers - Inserted between the strings on tennis racquets to enhance string life. Includes easy to use applicator
Pack of 1 - £4.79
Bowl O Fun 75 Assorted Dampeners - Wilson
Bowl O'Fun Dampeners - a bowl of 75 assorted fun dampeners with many different designs. Ideal for competition prizes or to introduce some character to your racquet
Pack of 75 - £73.86
Logo Dampeners PACK OF 70 - Head
A jar of 70 Head Vibration Dampeners - Djokovic, Logo & Xtra Damp. These are all 'button dampeners' which contact the middle two strings and reduce vibrations as well as the risk of tennis elbow. Great for handing out as prizes!
Pack of 70 - £81.50
Xtra Damp Tennis Vibration Absorber - Head
Head Xtra Damp Tennis Vibration Absorber. 'Button style' dampener that contacts centre two main strings. Reduces string vibration and the risk of tennis elbow
Pack of 2 - £3.50
Custom Damp Multipack - Babolat
Babolat Custom Damp Tennis Vibration Absorbers - MULTIPACK. A jar of 48 dampeners in YELLOW, BLACK, BLUE and RED. Please note that these do not come with the insert supplied with the twin packs.
Pack of 48 - £51.30
Shock Trap Vibration Dampener - Wilson
Wilson Shock Trap Vibration Dampener - Ultimate Long String Dampener. Reduces vibration across all eight "sweetspot" main strings.
Pack of 1 - £4.08
Pro Feel Plus Vibration Dampener - Wilson
Wilson Pro Feel Plus Vibration Dampener. Revolutionary "Free Floating" Dynamic Dampener. Uses inertia to dampen more vibration than just shock absorbing materials.
Pack of 1 - £4.50
Babol Color Ink Pen WHITE - Babolat
Babolat Babol Color Ink Pen - used for applying a logo onto the strings of any racquet.
Pack of 1 - £5.93
Babol Color Ink Pen BLACK - Babolat
Babolat Babol Color Ink Pen - used for applying a logo onto the strings of any racquet.
Pack of 1 - £5.93
WHITE Logo Ink -
Ink for drawing logos on strings.
Pack of 1 - £4.79
BLUE Logo Ink -
Ink for drawing logos on strings.
Pack of 1 - £4.79
BLACK Logo Ink -
Ink for drawing logos on strings.
Pack of 1 - £4.79
RED Logo Ink -
Ink for drawing logos on strings.
Pack of 1 - £4.79
Babolat Elastocross String Savers - Babolat
Babolat Elastocross String Separators are inserted at the intersection of strings in order to prolong string life. Highly recommended for regular string breakers. Comes with insterting tool.
Pack of 1 - £5.90
Head Smartsorb Dampener - Head
Head Smartsorb Dampener - A worm style vibration dampener. The Head Smartsorb Vibration Dampener gives maximum dampening effect due to its length. Easy to install.
Pack of 1 - £2.99
Babolat Custom Damp - Babolat
Babolat Custom Damp - A two piece vibration dampener. Consists of an O-ring and a clear insert to increase the amount of shock absorption provided. Easy to install.
Pack of 2 - £4.10
Pro Supex
PolyPower Soft...
200.0m. £29.99
Premier Touch
12.0m. £11.49
Pro Supex
Black Fusion T...
200.0m. £44.99
Competition Te...
12.0m. £4.99
Pro Supex
PolyPower Soft...
12.0m. £2.99
Pro Supex
Super Nova Hex...
12.0m. £3.99
Pro Supex
Black Fusion T...
12.0m. £3.99
Rebel Indoor 1...
10.0m. £7.99
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